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From Brighton Based Visual Artist and Printmaker Moatzart

One anecdote of how photomontage was invented as a practice involves Max Ernst. His account was that while looking through magazines that had already started incorporating advertisements the number of unrelated images within this small space was absurd and nonsensical so he began associating them. 


I enjoyed this aspect and this is still my process for some photomontage series I have made. I will choose one issue of a magazine and build an overriding series from it. The issue of Vogue used for this piece involved a superfluous number of jewelry ads as well as makeup. I used the jewelry pieces as an ornament for the close-up photography of the face.


The work was titled queens to detect historicity behind these ornaments and how they related to status. These were revered object unavailable to the masses, precious due to the uniqueness, sparseness, and beauty of their material. Following the chronology of the titles, I am hoping one can observe a slow fetishism being developed as they become more readily available and aimed for public consumption, as they move from obscenity to pure vulgarity and bad taste. However, that which is vulgar is maybe more accessible and less problematic: “Vulgarity exposes the scandal of good taste” – Adam Philips.


The displacement of eyes and mouth are very reminiscent of Hannah Hoch.

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