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Shop Original prints and original wall work by artist and printmaker Moatzart. Read about her work on the artist blog.


Original Linocut Print from Participatory Event from artist and printmaker Moatzart. - This series is also available on the website otherwise for £65 each - this is the print from the actual live event, which makes it more valuable.


Here, I was again thinking about authorship and the division of labor in participatory art, as I asked the audience to print a series of lino prints for me. I had looked for a way in which the audience would be able to produce a work ultimately fully devised by me, and with printmaking this was possible. I made the audience print this series which I called "A Terrestrial Paradise", with imagery that was symbolic of the idea. I prepared my linocuts with ink and asked people to "Print with their Feet".

Choking Original Linocut Print from Participatory work

  • Unframed

    25x17.5 cm

    Printed on high quality cream Fabriano Paper

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