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Shop Original prints and original wall work by artist and printmaker Moatzart. Read about her work on the artist blog.


Original Second print from Monotype from artist and printmaker Moatzart.


This is a second print from the original Monotype The Three Graces, which is traditionally done as sometimes a second print is possible, depending on the amount of ink left on the printing block. £200 as part of the #artistsupportpledge


Rosalind Krauss in Passages of Modern Sculpture identifies The Three Shades at the top of Rodin’s Gates of Hell as modern through his choice of representing the same figure three times allowing for different points of view. She draws a comparison to The Three Graces statues in classical sculpture suggesting it as a commentary on a classical theme. I was enthused by the proposition of using the same figure three times in the same composition and having been made aware of these daughters of Zeus they became the title of the print.


This is another piece that confronts the body as well as mystical exaltation this time with a carnivalesque ascension of the corporeal. It is interesting that I know this is the representation of the same character however they look just different enough to represent the sisters. The headwear or mask serves to assure intent, as mythologically the sisters would serve to entertain with their beauty.

The Three Graces II Original Second Print of Monotype

£280.00 Regular Price
£200.00Sale Price
  • Unframed

    28cm x 38cm

    Printed on high quality cream Fabriano Paper

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