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"Arienne dreams of power" is part of a series of portraits, each dreaming and aspiring towards a large life goal or principle.


Larger one-off collage prints will be part of this series further visualising Arienne's dreams.


Linocut print made and designed by Moatzart.



Arienne dreams of Power

£45.00 Regular Price
£15.00Sale Price
  • 25cm x17.5cm


    Printed on high quality cream Fabriano Paper.

    Each individual print is unique, and has a different pattern formed by water marks during the printing process. Each print is hand-worked by the artist so that this is controlled, and every print is signed and thus approved by the artist as part of the series.

    Please contact me here if you would like to see a selection of available prints prior to purchase: We have a 7 day return policy which you can read before checkout, or at the bottom of the screen.

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