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Shop Original prints and original wall work by artist and printmaker Moatzart. Read about her work on the artist blog.


Monsieur is an original signed collage by freelance visual artist and printmaker Moatzart.

This is part of a collage series based on a found Toy through which I investigated notions of copyright and objecthood. After this toy, Damien Hirst produced his 1990 sculpture "Hymn", and by finding the original Toy and making artwork from it, I aimed to shed light on this fact, and also bring it back into the field of art as a toy.

This series of collages was made eclusively from a 1970s Magazine called "Monsieur" - I experimented with using as many of the female figures in the magazine as possible.

Monsieur Original Collage

£370.00 Regular Price
£200.00Sale Price
  • Unframed

    29.5cm x 39.5cm

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