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Dame Eyola is part of The Neverending Story, and this is a series of illustrations based on the book by artist and printmaker Moatzart.


This is towards the end of the story, when Bastian arrives at The House of Change. The House of Change appears to him first as a pumpkin, with crooked windows and door as if drawn by a child, surrounded by bellies. 

Dame Eyola is a large, gigantic mother like figure, rotund like an apple. She grows exotic fruits, never been seen before, out of her head and body, and Bastian eats them joyously. 


The whole scene is set in a field of roses. Here Dame Eyola is happy and content, watering herself, and Bastian is eating fruit after fruit.

Dame Eyola

  • 25cm x 34 cm

    Printed on high quality cream Fabriano Paper. 

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