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This is a wood engraving made by artist and printmaker Moatzart.


Wood engraving prints take their origin from the woodcut prints developed around the 15th century, and were invented in the 1800s. As opposed to woodcut, endgrain wood is used which is much tougher, and metal engraving tools are used to achieve finer details.


The image is scratched into a block of wood using engraving tools, originally meant for metalwork. It is then inked up using oil based ink and a roller, and printed using a printing press, by hand. Acid free paper is used so prints have a life expectancy of over 1000 years.


  • 17.5 cm x 25 cm 

    Printed on high quality Fabriano Paper using oil based inks.

    Each print is handprinted by the artist and therefore unique.

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