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Normally £175


Artist proof prints are experimental prints made in the process of printing. They are either prints that I tested different colours on, ones that have small inconsistencies with their edition so I could not include them, and sometimes I just printed them the wrong way around compared to their edition.


In this case, the ink slid a bit, and the editioned prints have a slight addition to the gold background, whereas this was plain gold.

A lot of the times these unique prints end up being even more beautiful through the small accidents that happen with ink and colour, but they cannot be included into an edition where all prints are supposed to look the same.


Therefore, this is a great occasion to own one of my prints at an incredibly reduced price!

Arienne's Hell Blue on Gold AP

  • Notice the differences between the prints, and please let me know which one you would prefer at checkout, either the clearer one or the one where the ink slid more!


    50cm x 35 cm

    Printed on high quality cream Fabriano Paper.

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