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Shop Original prints and original wall work by artist and printmaker Moatzart. Read about her work on the artist blog.


This is a framed photograph of an original collage by Moatzart.


Looking at the Chapman Brothers I found the “Disasters of War” series whereby they had bought the original Goya prints and, however masterfully, drawn over them. As much as their gesture outraged me I was intrigued by the idea of ownership, by what money can buy and what the power of money is. I don’t blame them for their act of “vandalism” but a system that sets the parameters for it to be possible. The brother’s fascination with Goya has been long and intense and their sense of humor is garish.


Even as an advocate for appropriation deeply embedded notions of greatness and value in the art aren’t allowing me to be comfortable with this gesture, as someone who still feels bad using the structure of a face from a magazine that is going to be changed beyond recognition anyway. I have never gotten such a visceral response from an artwork before and this intrigues me. I, therefore, decided to “vandalize” what I could afford, that being old family photos.

Boy Walking Framed Photo

  • Framed: 13cm x 18 cm 

    Printed on Glossy Paper

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