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Linocut Printmaking Day - Pink Prints - Moatzart

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

Welcome to yet another printmaking day follow - me - around blog, where I talk you through my latest linocut prints, how I make them and give you little insights into the process. Hopefully this is an enjoyable view into my behind the scenes, and I hope you are able to take something away from this.

And so I set out to do my PINK series - a series requested by my ultimate supporter, my mother. At the same time I finished printing some leftover RED prints as well, since they are only a bit of white away from pink anyway.

For this PINK series, I decided that the designs needed to be very simple and clean cut, and preferably include mostly some of the more elegant ladies form my series of linocut prints. I thought pink was a colour that needed to be cleaner, and not as expressive as my prints usually are.

Pink is not a colour I would have usually gone for but when this was suggested to me I thought actually, it might be a nice way to play around a bit and hey, I can make my prints any colour, why not PINK? Picasso had a pink phase, so I can too! And why should I keep so strongly to my own ideas of what my art should be, and look like?

I was surprised to see just how well my linocuts took to this series, as even the mistakes that I usually talk about allowing happening (I have explained this more in this blog), these small aspects that I enjoy in the prints that are formed by water marks, integrated so nicely with the colour, completely unexpectedly.

This time around, due to the mix of colours I was also able to become better acquainted with the ink I was using, that dried very quickly before and didn't allow me to use thin layers. Of course, as I am using water based inks, the answer was simply to add some water. I was able to create so many more prints than usual this way as I could control the layer of ink on each linocut so much better. I read somewhere that inking your plates is an art in itself, and boy, is that true!

The day ended with catching up with more of my red prints and I have to say this was a very successful printmaking day, where I was so much more productive than usual.

You can find the new pink prints to buy here:


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