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LImited Edition Linocut Prints, original Single monotype prints

From Brighton Based Visual Artist and Printmaker Moatzart

Away With The Circus is a large series of limited edition linocut prints, including some single monotype prints, all based on The Circus. 


The Circus is endlessly fascinating and inspiring, even as nowadays it is almost extinct entertainment, as it is difficult to support particularly due to the treatment of the animals. Furthermore, we would want people that are odd, or with any degree of disabilities to be integrated into our society, and not performing (literally) on the outskirts of it. Even so, there are reasons I still find it inspiring.


It is inspiring as our oddities and excentricities become talents to capitalize on, and in doing so, it almost seems to be a practice of protest against the society that has marginalised those oddities in the first place.


It has been incredibly freeing to spend time with these interesting characters, amongst whom you can truly let your freak flag fly, and I hope as you will surround your home with them, they will remind you that your uniqueness is the best thing about you, and entire shows should be built around it!

Read more about this series on the Artist blog.

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